Alaska Power & Telephone

Recognized as one of the most progressive utilities in Alaska, the keys to AP&T's continued success lay primarily in its willingness to promote and develop long term reliable energy and communication solutions while capitalizing on the innovation and technical expertise of its skilled and dedicated employees.


AP&T currently provides service to communities located above the Arctic Circle, deep in the Wrangell Mountains and throughout the islands of Southeast Alaska. We travel by boat, floatplane, snow machine, riverboat, helicopter and all terrain vehicles.

We maintain systems on windswept mountaintops and storm-battered islands. Our power and telecommunications lines cross rainforest, taiga and tundra. We operate facilities in places that are among the wettest, driest, windiest, coldest and most remote regions on earth. We live and work in Alaska. 


Taking just over two years to complete and spanning the entire 500 mile length of Southeast Alaska, AP&T’s Southeast Alaska Microwave Network (SAMN), was officially turned up in December of 2009. The new network constructed mostly on strategic mountaintops dotting the route provides vital infrastructure capacity to a region historically in need of greater data transport facilities.

The new network, aside from providing improved regional access for voice and data will provide alternate routing capabilities for existing and new carriers as well as strategic points of entry to wireless providers seeking to grow regional market share and increase coverage footprints. For residents of Southeast Alaska, it will ultimately translate to better service and changes in competitive pricing structures as well. The inherent scalability of the network will serve well the anticipated regional growth in bandwidth needs while providing a platform for economic growth in communities throughout the Southeast Alaska region. SAMN Route Map.